Universes in Universe II: National Anthems On-The-Go

Sound installation
103 National Anthems


Universes in Universe IV: Flags

42x55cm x3


No matter whether it is a national anthem or a national flag, it is only meaningful to the people of that specific country—more often than not, we hardly can sing along when hearing other country's national anthems, nor can we immediately recognize the national flag of another country when seeing one. These two works here play on this common confusion—I turn the symbolic, nationalist flags and songs into some easy, informal, random objects. The iPod plays national anthems of various countries on shuffle to random passers-by on the street, while the flags are rearranged simply according to the colors and are made into poster. This re-arrangement of national flags and anthems seems not to criticize anything. However, this kind of re-placement of symbols is indeed intended to inspect certain kinds of values.