A Dialogue between David and David

Single-channel video installation, sculpture
Duration: 4'48"

In 2011, I met B in a bar in London.
The first sentence he said was "Are you from Taiwan? Do you know A?"
It was because at the time I left New York in 2009, he moved to New York city and got to know A. He thought he has seen my face through facebook.

I met B again when I was back to Taiwan, and we became good friends.
One day, when I tried to send some document to him, I've found out he's also called David. It is a coincidence that I used to be called David as well.



When I came back to Taiwan from New York in 2009, my computer was stolen. Everything I made in New York, the footage I shot, and my memory about the city were gone. In the work "A Dialogue between David and David," I thus intuitively transform how I perceive and experience New York into an object – a sculpture which is like a bar as well as a mirror. I later share the object-of-experience with a friend of mine whom I get connected with because of New York. Through our conversations, we attempt to reconstruct the memory about New York and to reinterpret the object-of-experience created by myself.